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Mezonic Records Productions & Entertainment LLC.
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Contact us for all your recording, production, and video needs!!!

All rates are negotiable!

Music Services Rates

Call 704-441-7765                 


Customized Radio Airplay (We send you a list of 10 college or major Fm or your genre format radio and tell you what to do to get airplay)----------------------- only $50

INTERNET RADIO / E-BLAST ------------------- $100    (2 reports)

Press Release & Contract Writing ---------------------------------------------$350

Album/Radio/Video Ads -------------------------Internet ($75) / Major city 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines) -- ($1000)

2 Major cities 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines) ------------------ ($2500)

5 Major cities 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines)--------------------($5000)

Airplay Promotions------------------(With at least 2 reports for the month, Promotions for 4 weeks)

500 Stations (FM, XM Satellite, Europe, Sirius, Online)-----------------$200

1000 Stations (FM, XM Satellite, Europe, Sirius, Online)----------------$400

3000 Stations (FM, XM Satellite, Europe, Sirius, Online)----------------$700

4000 Stations (FM, XM Satellite, Europe, Sirius, Online)----------------$1000

FM Rotation  (1 month gauranteed airplay)------$4000

Email your mp3 file to  Make sure your song is the clean version & mastered.  Pay us through our email on there is, CashApp $MezonicEnt, or call 704-441-7765 for MoneyGram or Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart instructions.

Nationwide Internet Radio & College Radio

20 college stations (Requires 40 CD(s) )-----------$250

40 college stations (Requires 80 CD(s))------------$500

60 college stations (Requires 120 CD(s))-----------$1000

100 college stations (Requires 200 CD(s))----------$2500

Nationwide college promotions(Guaranteed)------$6000

We follow-up with phone calls and emails to PDs & MDs

Nationwide Hip-Hop Radio Mix Shows-------------



Music Production (Lease) -----------------------

Upload your beats in out beat store -------------------25%

Exclusive Rights--------------------------------




Photo Shoot-----------------------------------------


CD manufacturing--------------------------------

Quick Demo manufacturing-------------------


Music Video Production-------------------------

Video Documentaries/Interviews-------------

Web hosting----------------------------------


Online Distribution Set-up (iTunes & more)

Web site design----------------------------------

Social Media design---------------------------------


Flyer design--------------------------------------

Flyer printing-----------------------------------




Local & Regional Hip-Hop Magazines

Album Release Party----------------------

Local Club promotion to Djs------------

Local & Regional Music Stores Distribution--------


Music Publishing (set-up)------------------

Local Radio Promotions---------------------

Regional Radio Promotions-----------------


 Music Consulting--------------------------

 Email your mp3 file to  Make sure your song is the clean version & mastered.  Pay us through our email on there is, CashApp $MezonicEnt, or call 704-441-7765 for MoneyGram or Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart instructions.

Make money online!!

Make money online!!

SWAP Distribution (Artists Taking Control)

SWAP Distribution & Show Networking (Artists Taking Control)


1. General Consultation is free.   1hr consultation = $25,  2hrs = $50, 4hrs = $80

2.   $5 monthly membership fee  (Admin. help - Store Contacts/Marketing Tips/Show Networking)

3.  After signing up and contacting the network of artists, you must send your CDs/DVDs on  days that the other artists will be sending you their CDs/DVDs. Must send tracking info. as   well.

4. Must be willing to either sell the CDs/DVDs out of your trunk (mobile store) and list your phone number. Or must be willing to put CDs/DVDs in your local store, list address, and phone number of store.

5. You are allowed to sell the different titles to individuals for re-sale.

6. If joining our network of 5 artists in 5 different cities, you will have to ship out about 15 or more CDs/DVDs total.  You will also have to spend about $75 for consulting and printing of posters/flyers with you providing the artwork.  If we design your poster, you will have to pay $50. 

7. For International titles, you and the artist overseas will have a shipping window of one full week to ship out CDs/DVDs.  Tracking information must be provided.

8. If a member doesn't ship within a certain time-frame, he/she will have to contact us (the admin.) and let us know what the issue is.  If the issue is not resolved within a certain timeframe, that artist will loose their membership. The artist will also be responsible to pay for the shipping of his product back if he wants them. 

9. If the first set of CDs/DVDs were sold.  All other units will have to be purchased from the artist at a whole sale rate.  If the artist is able to sell more than 50 units in a short time, the receiving artist will be allowed to sell T-shirts and other merchandise as well. For a hot selling CD/DVD we will charge a warehousing fee if the artist decides to allow us to ship them out.

10. These artists will be allowed to invite participating members to perform at local  sponsored/promoted shows or collective open mic free shows.