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Charlotte, NC - 19 August, 2020

After a long 2 years and 8 months of promoting his album CARNIVAL, International artist/song-writer/producer MEZONIC, has released his 7th studio album called, THE LOVE FOR MAMA AFRICA.  This album was definitely inspired by the single, Mama Africa by MEZONIC that was released in 2019. MEZONIC executive produced this album. The album features include: IamDred, Bx, Jimmy Black, Prymevyl, Wf Doc, 2Kee, & Younkonde.  Production credits go to Big H, Kitoko Sound, Cap Beatz & MEZONIC Productions. Thanks to the mixing and mastering engineers, Kevin F. & Bx.  Thanks to the graphics designers Chris and all the others who played their part on this porject. All of the songs follow the Afro-beat or Mama Africa theme except for RIDING featuring Bx, which is more of a Hip-hop/R&B record. The latest 2 singles, She Ready and Shake Dat Tumba 3 are doing extremely well with radio stations in Liberia and other West African countries.  The single, Fine Geh Never Suffer, although an older song that was previously released on the CARNIVAL album by MEZONIC is still receiving airplay in the USA, Canada, some European countries, and other African countries. It was recently selected to be played in rotation on the Caribbean Broadcast Network among other playlists and radio stations. MEZONIC said, "I am grateful to my almighty God for blessing me with just being patient enough to accomplish this huge milestone.  My hope is for the world to start viewing Africa as a land that offers us so much opportunity.  This is a place where you can make something out of nothing.  You can start most businisses in Africa with a way lower price tag than any other place on the earth."  Hope you all love the album!!! Download it, stream it, share it, book MEZONIC for performances and speaking engagements, and leave your comments about this album.  The entire MEZONIC Entertainment family hope that you will love and enjoy the album, The Love for MAMA AFRICA.  For the idea of the song, Mama Africa, please read below. 

Mama Africa is a heartfelt song about the beauty of Africa. The song was recorded on February 28th, 2019 by International Hip-hop/Afro-pop Artist & Producer, MEZONIC. The full mix and master was completed by MEZONIC's engineer on March 7th, 2019.

Many Africans are simply tired of having to explain themselves to the western world about how beautiful the continent of Africa is. The western media (U.S.A, Europe, & Asia) prefers to show all the negative aspects of Africa (Diseases, Poverty, Malnutrition, Shacks, etc..) Could this negative image be a propaganda to not only divide black people around the world but also a method to exploit the natural resources out of Africa?

The only positive thing about Africa the western media shows is nature (forests, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc..).

Africa is so much more than just nature. We have world-class tourist destinations, exotic beaches, exotic and different people, beautiful cities, astounding resorts, and so much to offer.

Africa is blessed with nature, natural resources (Oil, diamond, gold, etc..), fertile soil to grow just about and fruit or crop.

MEZONIC did his best to really beautify Africa in the minds of people who know only the opposite. Enjoy the song, the promotional video, and share with friends and family.

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