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Mezonic Records Productions & Entertainment LLC.
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Welcome to Mezonic Records!

Mezonic records is the #1 place to find some of the hottest new artist and music from around the world. A next generation record label, Mezonic Records makes the future now and introduces to the world the next generation of superstars that will set the music world on fire. With great leadership and a staff that is very knowledgeable about the music business, Mezonic Records is the answer for a lot of artists who have asked the question of, "How can I become successful in the music business"? 

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Connect with me on Instagram!!

Connect with me on Instagram!!

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Download the brand new album today!!

Download the brand new album today!!

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Brand New Album by MEZONIC!!!

Check out this spanking new album by MEZONIC!!!

🎬🎬📽📽My brand new music video (SHE READY by MEZONIC) will be released on my YouTube page on December 9th🍾🍾🎈🎈🏆!!! Please make sure to follow me on my official artist page to get the news first!! Go here (

) 👑👑

Download my album here (🎵🎵🎤🎤📻📻

A big thanks to all the radio stations, blogs, radio shows for playing my songs🙏🙏

💥💥💥 3 new stations added🔥🔥🔥

Thanks to Pulse Radio 96.1 (WSRL), Quantum Stereo Radio, Whoa UK Radio ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who’s Hot Radio — London, KPTR Party Train Radio, Nam-Radio, Show Stoppers Radio Group, University of Tropical Sound- London, Groovin Modd, ...

European Stations

Meuf In - France

Agora Fm - France

MoveHits - France

NetRadio - Russia

Watts FM - Canada

Indeed Station - USA

Humany Radio


Bloom Radio - Nigeria

Now Radio


Onthecity Radio


Liberian Radio Stations and blogs

BigFM 103.9

Hott FM 107.9

Truth Fm 96.1

*Dady Jus Ville -BigFm —(Wednesday - Friday) @1-3pm

*DJ Crucifix -OKFm — (Saturday) @10am-12pm

*DJ J-Mark -JoyFm —(Saturday) @10am-12pm

*DJ Baysah -PrimeFm —(Thursday) @8-10pm

*DJ Fixer -BanaFm —(Saturday) @10am-12pm

*DJ Legend -Super/Spoon —(Friday) @3:30-5pm

*PrettyBoi Wallace -Radio 5 —(Wednesday) @5-7pm

*DJ Snap Back -HottFm — °Tuesday @9-11Pm, °Thursday @5-7pm, °Friday @9-11pm & °Saturday @7-8pm

*DJ-BabeBoy -Freedom — (Saturday) @11pm-1am

*DJ-Switch -RootFm —(Monday - Friday) @7-9am

*Law Wonders -Beatwind. com Online stream —(Friday - Sunday) @4-6pm

*ThisBoi Nojudging -KoolFm —(Saturday) @3-4:30pm

24/7 MEZONIC Radio App

Thank you, thank you, thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏

Download now!!

Download now!!

Download now!!
Listen to MEZONIC now on Jango Radio!!!!

Listen to MEZONIC now on Jango Radio!!!!

Check out the compilation here!!

Check out the compilation here!!

Enjoy LIB Hustle!!!

Download SASSY now!

Download Sassy Today!

Download now!!

Download now!!



Watch Mezonic - Dah LehVo video here!!
Watch Mezonic - Dah LehVo video here!!
Click here to listen & get the song now!
Make money online!!

Make money online!!

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