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MEZONIC recorded the song JUKE IT on January 16, 2019 at his home studio in Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. His engineer completed the master of the song on January 26, 2019. 

As a Liberian, when you see a title called Juke IT, only one thing comes to mind.  However, JUKE means so many different things in other countries.  For example, in the U.S.A, Juke is a sports word that means to make a sham move to mislead an opponent. In Scotland, Juke means to turn or bend quickly, typically to avoid someone or something. In Liberia, we have a term that says, you JUKE the rusty nail, meaning you lost something or waited too long and lost a game or you failed to get something done. There is also a sexual meaning to JUKE.  

In this song, MEZONIC used JUKE as a metaphor.  His actual use of the term was to show that whenever people think that you are done with your business, career, or passion, you JUKE them by keeping at it. He also utilize the cover to depict the sexual aspect of the song because in all honesty, sex sells. MEZONIC is also grateful to have received clearance from Zodwa Wabantu of South Africa; the lady on the cover.  She is a famous South African entertainer.

  In conclusion, this is the first song MEZONIC has recorded in 2019.  It's a fun song that has meaning and has many unforgettable punch lines.  The production style is Southern trap music with an Afro-beat twist.  MEZONIC used the Liberian colloquial or pidgin English as the rap style.  Share it with friends, see if you understand or remember the slang words, get on the dance floor and JUKE IT!!!